About Us

A question that’s often presented when people visit the studio for the first time is, “how long have you been open?” Students are usually shocked and pleasantly surprised to learn that the doors of Dancing Through Life have only been open for a little over four years. The truth is, Dancing Through Life was always meant to be and has been lifetimes in the making. Natalia, Ricky, Yessy, and the rest of the DTL team all followed individual paths with shared passions that led them to the same beautiful place.

How It All Began

When the lives of these three powerhouse individuals collided, they had no idea the things they would accomplish together. Natalia’s entrepreneurial spirit has taken her all across the country expanding her mind, earning degrees, and opening thriving businesses. Natalia loved Latin dance from her very first class. She knew from that first awe-inspiring moment, that she wanted to blend her skills in the business world and her love for the salsa scene into one.
DTL Team Pic

Ricky’s creative mind was never meant to be contained no matter where he went or how he chose to express that creativity. From stage to stage, from classroom to classroom, his hunger for dance and teaching was undeniable. Ricky’s incredible energy and refusal to ever be held back is what has always pushed him forward to new goals, including becoming a first time business owner.

Yessy’s jaw-dropping people skills and sweet as pie personality, has kept her as a studio favorite and is what keeps students coming back to her classes again and again. When these two super stars came into her life, she took every opportunity to learn from both Natalia’s business savvy and Ricky’s dance expertise. She always strives to educate herself and be ahead of the game, which makes her one of our sought out instructors!

All over the world, in different shapes and forms, dancing and working to help and better people, has always been a common goal shared by these three. Whether it was an outspoken plan, a secret desire, or a blueprint in the making, all three individuals shared one mutual dream: to one day bring their passion of dance to their own studio.

Ricky & Yessy

Our Mission

The reason Dancing Through Life feels like it’s been open for so long is because for the owners it has been a living, breathing entity for years. Dancing Through Life is not just a place, it is a lifestyle, a mantra, and a way to approach the everyday hassles the universe can throw at us all. The mission of Dancing Through Life is not only to give students a premier learning experience, but to also give them a fresh view of the world around them through dance and fitness. Healthy living is not just exercising three times a week and eating fruits and vegetables. At Dancing Through Life healthy living also means stepping out into the world around you as if you were stepping onto the dance floor: greet every new person with a smile, encounter every new challenge as an opportunity to learn something new, take all the chances the world offers you to expand your horizons. The energy of the studio will stay with you long after you go, and the lessons you learn will reach into all aspects of your life, not just dance.

Natalia, Ricky, Yessy and the rest of the DTL team, pride themselves on the heartfelt blood, sweat, and tears, that have gone into building Dancing Through Life for the sole benefit of their students. Each of their individual personalities has come together to make a one of a kind team, offering one of a kind services. Natalia’s incredible intelligence, willpower, and determination have put her at the head of the pack in a male dominated business world. Ricky’s extraordinary heart can tap into his boundless mind to create choreography that will inspire even the most uncoordinated students to find their rhythm. Yessy’s sweet as sunshine nature, makes every student feel like they just walked in her front door to enjoy an evening dance party with long lost friends, rather than a brand new place for a brand new activity. Separate they are strong, but together they are unstoppable.

They have come together to inspire and uplift you, to give you a brand new lease on life you never imagined for yourself. Come by the studio today to see just how Dancing Through Life can expand your mind, comfort your heart, and brighten your spirit. Imagine what one dance can do for you?

To learn more about the owners and the rest of the Dancing Through Life team visit our team. Love life. Live life. Dance Through life.

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