Put a Little Hip Hop in Your Step

Hip-hop dance Davie

Sometimes, people just need a bit of excitement interjected into their daily routine. Working a day job, shopping for groceries, and doing the laundry can get pretty repetitive. Dancing can, and should, make your day brighter and lift your spirits. Hip Hop dancing can help get you going with some great beats and exciting techniques… Read More »

Go a Step Beyond: Intermediate Dance Classes in Davie, Florida

Intermediate Dance Classes

After a few well-directed Salsa or Bachata classes, some people are ready to go beyond the simple steps and into a more advanced program. At Dancing Through Life, we frequently offer intermediate dance classes to help push students of dance to the next level. Because of the wide-ranging class options and quality, professional instruction, Dancing… Read More »

Turbo Kick: An Introduction

Turbo kick

If you love to dance, but need to let off a little extra steam, Turbo Kick is for you. Turbo Kick is one of Dancing Through Life’s favorite dance/aerobics classes. The exercise and dance class combines everything you love about dancing with all the benefits of kickboxing. With Turbo Kick, participants are able to have… Read More »

A New Dance Class for a New Body

Paula Picon

Sometimes, you just need a bit of a change. When it comes to toning muscles and losing weight, a new dance class can be one of the best options. Davie, Florida dance studio Dancing Through Life is constantly developing and holding new classes to give individuals the chance to burn calories in a fun, a… Read More »

A Dollar a Day to Get in Shape: 30 Days of Zumba for $30

Zumba classes Davie

At Dancing Through Life, we are always trying to share the power of dance with the world. In Davie, Florida, dance classes like Zumba that help burn hundreds of calories every hour can be hard to find. We offer Zumba classes multiple times every week. We even offer Zumba master classes for those who want… Read More »

How Many Calories Can Salsa Dancing Burn?

Salsa dancing Davie

Many. Many, many, many calories. Just like any other aerobic exercise, you only get out of it as much as you put into it. At Dancing Through Life, we encourage you to put your all into Salsa dancing. The quick steps and the gyrating hip movements of Salsa help people burn calories and look good… Read More »

Beyond the Basics: Dancing Through Life and the Zumba Master Class

Zumba Master class

If you want to push your workout to the next level, Dancing Through Life’s Zumba Master Class is the next step. The Zumba Master Class is for people who are experienced and enjoy dance aerobics, but who want a bit more of a challenge. Here at Dancing Through Life, we will offer the first Zumba… Read More »

A Match for Mindfulness: Yoga with Dancing Through Life and Yoga Script

Yoga classes davie

We have amazing news for all the Yoga lovers out there. Want a piece of mindfulness in a hectic world? Come enjoy our new partnership with Yoga Script  and its owner, Tiffany Anne Smith. Dancing Through Life offers Yoga classes on a regular basis to help people find a bit of peace and learn some… Read More »

A Day in the Life of Our Davie Dance Studio


In a single day at Dancing Through Life, you can see people learning to Salsa for the first time, a group learn the Bachata, and even a few learn the intricacies of modern Contemporary Jazz dance. In a single day at Dancing Through Life, people learn to dance, burn calories, and build friendships in the… Read More »

Come Join Us for Wine and Dance Event at Dancing Through Life

Dance studio event wine & dance

Dancing Through Life is constantly looking for ways to bring a little fun and a love of dancing to Davie, Florida. On Thursday, May 29 at 6:30 PM, we will be welcoming members and non-members who purchase a class for the evening to join us in a wine tasting and a social dance afterwards. The… Read More »