Caribbean Nights and the Bachata Revolution

Bachata is a Caribbean inspired dance that is quickly gaining popularity and renown throughout the Western world. With a tumultuous history, Bachata has made its way out of the “houses of the night” in the Dominican Republic and into dance halls, nightclubs, and professional studios around the world. Bachata truly is seeing a revolution in popularity, and is quickly becoming a household name in dance. 

A Caribbean History, A Caribbean Flavor

Bachata caribbean nightsThe origin of this dance style comes from the Dominican Republic. With roots in passionate emotions, romance, and heartbreak, Bachata carries with it a hint of blues style. At first, the Bachata was considered a dance of the underclass, country folk, and the uneducated, and was even banned at certain times. Not until meringue became the national music of the Dominican Republic was Bachata allowed to come into its own.

The sultry, sexy flavor of Bachata consists of three simple steps with a hip motion, and a small tap on the fourth beat. This style is incredibly distinctive and has quickly gained a significant following. This dance style made its way to New York with the help of stars like Luis Vargas and Antony Santos. As it grew and evolved, the renaissance of Bachata found its way into famous voices like Ramon Cordero, Jose Manuel Calderon, and Rafael Encarnacion.

The style, feel, and emotion of the music embodies the Caribbean spirit.

Bachata Styles on the Dance Floor

Night clubs, ballrooms, and dance floors across the country are featuring a variety of dance floor styles. Ballroom, Tango, Modern, Dominican, and Traditional Bachata are all unique styles that have developed from the original style. All styles, however, can be signified by their electric guitar leads, exciting tempo, and exaggerated hip movements.

Dancing Through Life teaches Bachata to all who look for a Caribbean inspired night on the town. With new influences from Hip Hop, pop, and R&B, Bachata is evolving into a dynamic, rhythmic step. Learn to dance Bachata and enjoy a Caribbean-flavored night out on the town.