Dance Through Life with Salsa Classes

Talk to a salsa dancer about their passion, and you will see their eyes light up no matter what age, shape, or background they come from. Learning to salsa dance keeps body, spirit, and mind sharp. Dance studios like Dancing Through Life offer classes, both group and private, to teach individuals the art of salsa dancing. Latin-inspired dance is sultry, exciting, and inspired by decades of Latin culture and love for music. 

Salsa Classes: Learning Through Fun

Salsa classesSalsa classes are a great way to meet people, learn a new skill, and even get in shape. Many people enjoy attending salsa classes even if they don’t want to go out to the salsa club every week. Group classes bring together people with a common interest in a safe and fun setting. With the right instructor, students can even learn to master the dance within just a few months of dance sessions.

Learning to salsa consists of becoming comfortable with the music, learning the basic steps, and practicing them with a partner. For people who want to learn a lifelong skill, salsa is a great option. It promotes health, weight loss, flexibility, and, best of all, self confidence. Dancing through the good and bad times in life is only possible for people who stay in dancing shape, and salsa dance classes can help do just that.

Types of Salsa

Salsa can truly become a lifelong passion. Once you learn the basics, there is always more to learn and more to master. Throughout the years, salsa has evolved into a worldwide phenomena that is danced on nearly every continent on earth. Salsa continuously evolves, and as such has diversified into several styles and types of salsa.

Below are the variety of types of salsa that are fun to learn, master, and perform.

  • Miami style
  • Columbian or “Cali” style
  • Casino style (also known as Cuban style)
  • Rueda de Casino
  • L.A. Style
  • New York Style aka On2 (a Dancing Through Life favorite)

Each type of salsa holds its own unique hallmarks. At Dancing Through Life, we encourage lifelong passion by learning, loving, and dancing salsa.