A Day in the Life of Our Davie Dance Studio

In a single day at Dancing Through Life, you can see people learning to Salsa for the first time, a group learn the Bachata, and even a few learn the intricacies of modern Contemporary Jazz dance. In a single day at Dancing Through Life, people learn to dance, burn calories, and build friendships in the beautiful Davie, Florida dance studio. A day in the life of our Davie dance studio is an entertaining one to say the least.

Dancing Through Life Classes

Right now, a day at Dancing Through Life means a busy one indeed. A single Tuesday sees, at a minimum, three nearly packed dance classes. With Contemporary Jazz at 6:30pm, Beginner Salsa On2 at 7:30pm, and Beginner Bachata at 8:30pm, nights at Dancing Through Life are exhilarating and quite educational.

Our members not only learn how to dance, they learn to love dance. The swaying of hips, the teamwork and fluidity of Salsa and Bachata, even the beat of the music becomes addictive. Check out a few photos of our members enjoying our Tuesday night classes.

Dance Through Life dance Classes

The Dance Studio

Learn to danceA day at the Dancing Through Life dance studio also means a day in a beautifully sculpted facility. Our hardwood dance floors make for the perfect place to learn and practice any type of dance. With one wall entirely mirrored, instructors and students have the chance to critique styles, movements, and progress in an expansive room.

Dance classesA day in the life of this Davie, Florida dance studio can range from quiet yoga classes to extreme and heart-pumping Zumba classes. If you want to experience what Dancing Through Life has to offer, check out our class schedule and our pricing options.