Go a Step Beyond: Intermediate Dance Classes in Davie, Florida

After a few well-directed Salsa or Bachata classes, some people are ready to go beyond the simple steps and into a more advanced program. At Dancing Through Life, we frequently offer intermediate dance classes to help push students of dance to the next level. Because of the wide-ranging class options and quality, professional instruction, Dancing Through Life is quickly becoming Davie, Florida’s favorite dance studio. 

Intermediate Salsa Classes

Intermediate Dance Classes Once you learn the basics of Salsa, dancing can quickly become a healthy addiction. Much like any performance art form, there is always more to learn. For people who want to take their dancing to the next level, intermediate Salsa classes might just be the perfect option.

Dancing Through Life’s intermediate Salsa classes are lead by trained, experienced dancers who have committed their lives to learning and teaching the art of Salsa. Ashley Reyes, co-owner and dance instructor, has taught (and performed) at various venues including the Miami Salsa Congress, New York Salsa Congress, and even coordinates weddings and quinceaneras. All instructors at Dancing Through Life push people to the next level of dance skill.

Intermediate Bachata Classes

Bachata is one of the fastest-growing Latin dance styles in Davie, Florida. More and more dance clubs and night clubs are playing the unique music that comes from the Dominican-inspired club. Learning the dance step at dance studios is quickly becoming more commonplace. Once the basic dance step is perfected, there is still much, much more to learn.

Intermediate Bachata classes help teach people styling and movements that basic classes only barely touch on. At Dancing Through Life, intermediate classes are held fairly often. The online class schedule at the Davie dance studio helps people find exactly the class they need.

The dance classes at Dancing Through Life are designed for everyone from the intimidated beginner to the blossoming dancer.