A New Dance Class for a New Body

Sometimes, you just need a bit of a change. When it comes to toning muscles and losing weight, a new dance class can be one of the best options. Davie, Florida dance studio Dancing Through Life is constantly developing and holding new classes to give individuals the chance to burn calories in a fun, a new way. 

Paula Picon,
one of Dancing Through Life’s favorite dance instructors, is leading yet another new dance / exercise class in Davie. Check out the information below for the newest exercise option in Davie, Florida.

New Power Body Class

Paula PiconThe newest dance and exercise class from Dancing Through Life is Power Body. This dance / exercise class uses elements of Zumba, Capoeira, and basic calisthenics to tone the body and increase heart rates to burn extra calories. The design of the class also helps people improve flexibility and develop balance.

Want to try out the new Power Body class? Well, your only chance is walking into Dancing Through Life to join the creator. Paula Picon is the developer and designer of this new, incredibly effective exercise / dance / aerobics class.

The class uses only the dancer’s own weight, eliminating heavy lifting and straining usually associated with intense workouts. The entire class is designed to build a strong, lean, defined, and flexible body. All of Davie, Florida has the chance to shed pounds, tone up, and get a little more flexible with the uniquely designed Power Body class.

Paula Picon is a licensed Zumba instructor, training in dance, jazz, jazz broadway, hip hop, samba, ballet and flamenco classes. She has also obtained her Group Fitness AFAA certification and an introductory Personal Fitness certification. Her new class, Power Body, is posed to take over the Davie, Florida area and beyond.