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Oct 01

Human Functionality & Foundations Workshop

All around fitness is something we focus on every day at Dancing Through Life: fitness of the mind, fitness of the spirit, and most of all fitness of the body. In order to be the healthiest individuals and the most innovative dancers we first must treat our bodies with the utmost care. With these goals in mind we are bringing you a one of a kind Human Functionality & Foundations Workshop. In this three hour special occasion our certified personal trainer Ricardo Nater will be reviewing our body’s natural movement mechanics, looking at deficiencies which take us outside of these movements, learning how to correct deficiencies, and applying exercises to integrate this new structural integrity. After this three hour intensive workshop you will feel improved posture, you will have gained priceless knowledge to accommodate any existing injuries you may have, and you will be able to incorporate your new skills into your workouts, your dancing, and your day to day life to feel stronger, leaner, and more flexible. Space will be limited to allow individual attention to be given to each and every participant, so make sure to sign up now while spots last!
Oct 07

Bachata Fusion Workshop

Bachata Fusion Workshop happening on Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 2:30pm-4pm. More details coming soon...