Put a Little Hip Hop in Your Step

Sometimes, people just need a bit of excitement interjected into their daily routine. Working a day job, shopping for groceries, and doing the laundry can get pretty repetitive. Dancing can, and should, make your day brighter and lift your spirits. Hip Hop dancing can help get you going with some great beats and exciting techniques (oh, and it can help shed some pounds, too). 

Hip-hop dance DavieDancing Through Life is proud to introduce Adult Beginner Hip Hop classes open to all adults in Davie, Florida. Justin Trujillo leads our Hip Hop dance classes every Saturday at 10am at Dancing Through Life dance studio.  

What is Hip Hop Dancing

Hip Hop is a style of dance that developed around street dancing and hip-hop music.
The style, at its heart, is all about free-styling and improvisation, but has developed some conventions over two decades. Learning the basic moves and styling on one’s own can be intimidating. Everything from breaking, locking, popping to turfing, jerkin’, and krumping are considered parts of Hip Hop dance. 

At Dancing Through Life, we help people learn the basics of Hip Hop by following the expert lead of Justin Trujikkl, Hip Hop dance instructor extraordinaire. Learning individual movements is a big part of the battle, but learning how to move to the music is just as important. On a single Saturday morning, classmates go from know nothing about Hip Hop dance to enjoying every moment on the dance floor. 

Adult hip-hop classThe Adult Beginner Hip Hop classes at the Dancing Through Life dance studio won’t get you ready for battling just yet. It will, however, build confidence and introduce dance enthusiasts to the wide world that is Hip Hop dance. The classes are geared towards beginners, but do make some serious ground on advancing students to the next level. 

Learn some basics of Hip Hop dance and get a good workout all before the Saturday morning cartoons are over. Have fun, learn something new, and burn a few calories with Adult Beginner Hip Hop classes at the Dancing Through Life.