Ricardo Rufio Nater

Ricardo Rufio Nater also known as “Ricky”, is Co-owner and dance/fitness instructor at Dancing Through Life and has had a life dedicated to his passion of dance and people.  His dance journey began with exploring different styles of Latin dance at the age of 12, and that quickly transitioned into a love for Hip Hop and break dancing as well.  He created his own style by combining all of the different styles of dance he loved into one.  In 2010, his future shifted from a dedication to dance to a dedication to his country, as he was deployed to Iraq.  Even then, he continued to dance by showing his fellow soldiers how to break it down on their down time. Upon his return from deployment, he established a new life in South Florida and reignited his passion for dance.  Since then, he has continued to find new ways of innovating himself as a dancer and sharing that with others.  He has taught in various locations across South Florida as well as performed in congresses and local venues with his dance partner.  He has now become a top salsa instructor and dancer in the South Florida region and has become known for his smooth styling as well as his fun comedic teaching methods.