Salsa Level 1 Intensive Workshop

Salsa Beginner Level 1 Intensive Workshop

Sign up for our Salsa Level 1 Intensive Workshop, happening on Thursday, June 21, 2018 from 7:30pm – 9:30pm.


This workshop is ideal for the Beginner Level 1 Salsa student that is ready to ADVANCE to the next dance level!! In this workshop, students will be provided with a solid comprehension of all of the core fundamentals that will allow them to transition into the Salsa Beginner Level 2 class with ease.


We will cover topics such as the fundamentals of timing, rhythm, body movement, frame, lead-follow connection, basic step patterns and partner combinations. Students will learn fundamental movements that are a prerequisite for the Level 2 class such as the cross body lead, hand changes, right and left turns, inside and outside turns, open break, New York walk, as well as shines, basic styling, and variations of these fundamentals that can be used on the dance floor.


By the end of this workshop, not only will you be able to dance an entire Salsa song, but you will also be promoted to the Salsa Beginner Level 2 class!


No partner required.


Price: Pre-register $25 / At the door $30 SIGN UP TODAY!