Spruce up Your Dance Style at Dancing Through Life’s Ladies Styling Workshop

You want to look your best on the dance floor. Sometimes, a woman could use a little direction. At Dancing Through Life, we understand the importance of nailing down a personal style when it comes to dance. This is why we offer a Beginner Ladies Styling Workshop that focuses on helping women improve their moves and styling on the dance floor.

Ladies Styling Workshop in Davie, Florida

From time to time, we love to throw a workshop that helps people learn a new dancing style or skill in a short amount of time. Our newest offering, the Ladies Styling Workshop, is designed to give women a place to improve their overall dance style. These sessions are led by none other than Ashley Reyes, one of South Florida’s most successful Salsa dancers.

Ladies dance stylingIn these types of workshops, dancers learn basic isolations and arm styling that are easy to incorporate into partner work. The challenge of the workshop is to take beginner salsa to the next level. Participants enjoy the chance to learn how to really express themselves on the dance floor.

The Ladies Styling Workshop offers many fun ways of styling that can help add to a dancer’s basic step to add a little flare. Dancing is a lifelong skill that takes decades to master. A few Salsa dance classes are not enough to really show off on the dance floor. Adding a little bit of styling, however, is a great way to stand out on the dance floor.

Dancing Through Life holds Ladies Styling Workshops from time to time. If you want to stay on top of our class and workshop schedule, make sure to check our class schedule consistently. The easiest way to enjoy any dance class or workshop at Dancing Through Life is to become a member. Visit our pricing page to see all the options we offer for convenient dance classes.